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Found in 1989, Preen (AC Power Corp.) is a leader in power supply system and has been developing products based on the core technology of Power Conversion. We boast one of the broadest product line of power supply, includes AC Power Source, DC Power Supplies, Power
Supplies for Defense Industry, Renewable Energy
Simulators, Line Conditioners and UPS.
Product Line
Preen has three major product line, AC Power Source, DC Power Supply, and UPS & Voltage Regulator. We also developed products that serves to specific applications and markets’needs.

Application ClassificationPower Conditioning|Power Convertion|Test and Measurment
Application Classification
Why Preen
Advanced Power Electronic TechnologyPreen has been developing products based on
power electronic technology, and has one of the broadest product line in the industries.

Capability of
High Power SourcePreen has biggest market share and quantity on high power supply, with capability of delivering 2,000kVA power source per unit.
LocationsPreen has sales and service office across Asia. We are also expanding to our reach to the US to provide most timely service to customers.