Telecom Base Stations
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Telecom Base Stations Telecom base stations are located at remote mountainous areas where power supply fluctuates remarkably. Sometimes those base stations are powered by power generators directly. Since poor power quality has an adverse impact on the working equipment of base stations, base stations need APS series AVR which can offer stable voltage and quality power to ensure normal operation at such extreme telecom site.

APS series application features
  • CE compliant: has high electromagnetic compatibility performance and no interference with other equipment operation
  • Stable and reliable output: with surge absorbers, LC filter, EMI filter, isolation transformer to avoid high voltage surge, spike and noise interference, to ensure the pure power output
  • Wide voltage range: regulated voltage ranges from ± 18% to ± 25% of rated voltage
  • Fast response: ≤ 4ms / step, highly sensitive Voltage detection which can ensure the equipment remains the best working conditions
  • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, overload and auto-bypass protection

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