PV Inverter Test System
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Due to the growing demands for cleaner energy source, markets of renewable energy devices such as PV inverters and electrical vehicles have been steadily increasing. Preen developed PAS series, a regenerative grid simulator specialized for PV Inverter test applications to simulate different grid conditions and sink the power back to the utility grid. It is suitable for compliance test and verification with UL1741, IEEE254 and BDEW related standard.
Features of Programmable Grid Simulator, PAS Series  High Output Power: 45 – 2000 kVA
 Build In LVRT Mode
 Three Phase Independent Control
 Phase Angle Control between Three Phase
 Interface: RS232/RS485 (opt. Ethernet/GPIB/USB)
 Specialized for Standards:
 CNCA-CTS004 2009
 IEC 62116-2008
 GB/T 19939-2005
 GB/T 14549-93
 IEEE 1547:2003
 IEEE 1547.1:2005

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