EV Fuse Test System
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A fuse is a type of low resistance resistor that acts as a sacrificial device to provide overcurrent protection, of either the load or source circuit. During development and production process, fuses need to be verified by a series of related test. ADG series provides 41 different models of DC power sources from low voltage high current to high voltage low current as a standard power source for compliance test with ISO 8820 related test standards.
Features of ADG Series Programmable DC Power Source  Output Power: 30 – 100 kW
 High Current up to 2000A or High Voltage up to 2000V
 12 different Output Voltages and 41 Models
 Fast Transient Response Time <4ms~12ms
 Low Ripple <0.1%-0.2%
 Compact & High Power Density
 Efficiency >90%
 4.7 inches User Friendly HMI

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